Inherit the Wind

2008-2009 SEASON


Inherit the Wind (2009)

In the blistering hot summer of 1925, a tiny courtroom in a small town named Hillsboro captured the attention of the world. The issue? A state law that forbids the teaching of evolution and a local teacher’s violation of that law. His trial was a Roman circus, the chief gladiators being the two legal giants of the century. At stake was the freedom of every American. Based on the famous Scopes “Monkey” trial, Inherit the Wind stands as one of the most moving and meaningful plays in American theatrical history. Entertaining and challenging audiences for over fifty years, it is a narrative of a nation and its people, as they struggle to come to grips with the forces of change.

The Cast

Role Actor
Brady Hank Barre
Mrs. Brady Mary Jane Walsh
Drummond Michael King
Rachel Christine Laydon
Cates Anthony Younes
The Judge Jason Lewis
Hornbeck Paul Zeller
Reverend Brown Howard Fischer
The Mayor James Broderick
Howard Noah Verzani
Melinda Julia Wierzbicki
Davenport Mark Alcaro
Meeker Brian Herrle
Elijah/Bannister/Radio Tom Hodge
Mr. Goodfellow/Dunlap Todd Shumpert
Corkin/Sillers John McDonough
Mrs. Blair Ascenza Montalbano
Mrs. McClain Christina Kirk
Mrs. Krebs Kathy Mierisch

Production Team

Production Role
Producer Eileen Johnston
Director Jonathan Wierzbicki

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