Jersey Voices

2018-2019 SEASON


An evening of one-act plays by New Jersey playwrights.

Presented One-Act Plays are:

“Romance 101” by Brianna Keller, Directed by George Seylaz: Unlucky in love, Travis decides to learn from the ladies of the ROMANCE 101 book club.  Join Patti, Meredith, Sally and Gladys as they teach young Travis a thing or two about Love and Romance.

  • Travis (20's). Boyish and slightly socially awkward.
  • Sally (20's). Shy, but smart – and a hopeless romantic.
  • Patti (50-60). Sally’s aunt. Pushy, a natural leader.
  • Gladys (70). Outspoken and unapologetic – prone to napping.
  • Meredith (30's). Aspiring romance novelist – newly engaged.

“Squirrel Tames Human” by Luigi Jannuzzi, Directed by Kevern Cameron: Chip has bet Junior a winter’s stash of acorns that he is the squirrel that knows how to train human behavior.

  • Chip and Junior – both squirrels. Age and sex unimportant but must be a little nuts.

“Free Pass” by Tom Baum, Directed by Arnold Buchiane: A widower in his late 60s meets a woman in her 40s at a hotel bar – is there love after the death of a loved one?

  • Waylon (late 60's)
  • Tara (40's)

“Foster” by Jerrod Bogard, Directed by Joann Scanlon: Foster parents meet with their social worker about  issues with their foster son. The parents don’t share the same perspective, but important choices must be made.

  • Duane (25 – 40). Has a glimmer of hope that he can be the man he wants to be.
  • Jen (25 – 40). Duane’s wife. Trying to save her family.
  • Carla (30+). Social Worker. Somewhat daunted, but fighting the good fight.

“Bug Rescuing” by Judy Klass, Directed by Lauri MacMillan: Joan joins Michael on his corporate retreat. How do a couple navigate their differences?

  • Joan (20's-30's). Intense, artistic and can appear aloof. Definitely not the typical corporate spouse
  • Michael (20's-30's). Witty and sweet – a corporate citizen, but a geek at heart

“The Rub of the Green” by Tom Tunnington, Directed by Elizabeth Rogers: after many years, a combat veteran goes to the only place that he can still be with his comrades.

  • Pop (60-70). A Viet Nam veteran trying to face feelings about what happened long ago.
  • Dusty (20's). A young war veteran who helps Pop to ease his mind.

“The King” by Nicole Pandolfo, Directed by Steven Ruskin: a late night backstage meeting - a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator meets someone who might just be the genuine article.

  • Dwayne (30's-50's).  An Elvis Presley impersonator who does the 70's Vegas Style Elvis,
  • Elvis (70's though he may read younger).  The King is older but still very cool.