Maybelle Cowan-Lincoln

Cast Member

Production Roles

Show Season Production Role
Christmas Cards: Letters to Santa 2017-2018 Producer
Grease 2017-2018 Production Coordinator
The Three Musketeers 2014-2015 Production Coordinator
Rumors 2002-2003 Producer
Blithe Spirit 2001-2002 Producer
Blood Brothers 2001-2002 Production Coordinator
A Christmas Carol 2001-2002 Production Coordinator
Pride and Prejudice 2000-2001 Producer
A Streetcar Named Desire 1998-1999 Production Coordinator
Sleuth 1993-1994 Stage Manager
Witness for the Prosecution 1992-1993 Production Coordinator

Administrative Positions

Position Term
Education 2019-2021
Front of House (Scheduling) 2019-2021
Fund Raising 2019-2021
Past President 2017-2019
Front of House (Scheduling) 2017-2019
Fund Raising 2017-2019
President 2015-2017