The Pillowman

2009-2010 SEASON


The Pillowman (2010)

The Chatham Community Players (CCP) continues their 88th Season by presenting the black comedy, The Pillowman by Irish playwright, Martin McDonagh directed by Jonathan Wierzbicki.  This play received two Tony Awards, the 2004 Olivier Award for Best Play and NY Drama Critic’s Circle Award for Best New Foreign Play.

A writer of short stories and a citizen of a totalitarian state, Katurian is taken from his home by government officials without explanation.  Soon he is interrogated by two detectives about his writing.  His stories tend to be violent and gruesome, many involving children that are strikingly similar to a number of actual child-murders happening in his town. What is the connection?

“Comedies don’t come any blacker than The Pillowman, the spellbinding stunner of a play dazzles.” ~ New York Times

"It’s a rip-roaring experience, full of claustrophobic moments and large-scale exaggerations. But above all, the play is an excuse to talk about storytelling itself.” ~ Chicago Tribune

Jonathan Wierzbicki is returning to the Chatham Playhouse having directed, Inherit the Wind last season.  Jonathan has acted in, directed, and written productions for regional and community theatre for over 25 years.

“The Pillowman challenges our concept of justice, responsibility and the very nature of art.  Using humor to disarm the audience, we are drawn into the dark imagination of a man who is grappling with his past,” added Jonathan.

The Chatham Playhouse understands that this challenging play must find the perfect balance of brutal drama and dark comedy. Whether the lead character’s stories are works of expression of his inner art or just gratuitous shock pandering for attention, that is up to the audience member to “And that brings us to the provocative quandary of the Pillowman - what responsibility does the artist have on his effect on society, and whether it's the product itself or its original intent that defines it as art,” explained Jonathan.

The Cast

Role Actor
Katurian Rick Holloway
Tupolski Michael King
Ariel Hans Augustave
Michal Peter Horn
Mother Valerie de Leon
Father Nicholas Duchensky
The Boy Zachary Catron
The Girl Brielle Raddi

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Steve Ruskin
Director Jonathan Wierzbicki
Production Coordinator Eileen Johnston
Stage Manager Jennifer Dzama
Asst. Stage Manager Steffi Denmark
Asst. Stage Manager Norleen Gelfond
Set Design Steve Ruskin
Scenic Artist Andrea Sickler
Scenic Artist Dean Sickler
Costume Design Linda Trebing
Costume Design Beverly Wand
Lighting Design Sean Hennessy
Sound Design Jonathan Wierzbicki
Props and Set Decoration Janet Bustrin
Props and Set Decoration Letitia Lum
Fight Coordinator Steve Ruskin
Makeup/Wigs Lauren Riesebeck