Jul 26 - Aug 4, 2024

7 Short Plays in One Evening.
7 Directors. 16 Actors.
This is Theatre.


We are proud to announce our 2024-2025 season! This marks our 103rd season here in Chatham.



Calling all 7- to 10-year-olds who love performing! Come and be part of The Chatham Community Players Theater Creations.


Sep 20 - Oct 5, 2024

A wine-tasting road trip to salute the final days of bachelorhood careens woefully sideways as two friends hit the gas en route to mid-life crises.


Chatham Community Players offers after-school theater classes for students ages 7 to 18. No previous experience is needed. Small class sizes allow students to progress at their own rate and benefit from individualized attention and instruction.


Dec 5 - Dec 21, 2024

The story of Ebenezer Scrooge has become one of the most beloved of all holiday tales, and this unique production also reminds us that Dickens’ inspiration for penning the story goes much deeper. A family friendly musical for all.

Jan 10 - Jan 12, 2025

Max and Whitney's schizoid personality disorders cause them to live deep within their own imagined realities – one expansive and fanciful, the other dark and brutal. To break free of these visions and become functional members of society, they embark upon a clinical drug trial that might erase these worlds forever.

Feb 28 - Mar 15, 2025

Based on the beloved Charles Schulz comic strip, Charlie Brown and the entire Peanuts bunch explore life's great questions as they play baseball, struggle with homework, sing songs, swoon over their crushes, and celebrate the joy of friendship.

May 2 - May 17, 2025

Every marriage needs a little fantasy to keep it sparkling. But behind the gingham curtains, being a domestic goddess isn't as easy as it looks... This is Laura Wade's new dark comedy about sex, cake and the quest to be the perfect 1950s housewife.

Jun 6 - Jun 8, 2025

Three friends from high school meet at a motel for an overdue reunion, but the night quickly sours after one accuses another of committing a terrible crime years ago. Tape is an edge-of-your-seat, high-stakes thriller about power, memory, truth, and the love-hate bonds between friends.