2009-2010 SEASON


Oliver (2010)

Chatham Players looks forward to their audiences falling in love again with this musical's story and music. There's a reason why "OLIVER!" is a favorite of both children and adults.

"To me, I don't choose to believe that Oliver was a boy who was bullied or acted out of fear. To me he was 'the boy who dared to ask for more," states Bob Cline.

Oliver is a young orphan in a large workhouse who draws a great deal of attention to himself when he asks for more at the dinner table. No one likes a greedy orphan, so Oliver finds himself sold to an undertaker. He runs away, and is taken in by a group of pickpockets who try to teach the innocent boy to be a thief. Eventually he escapes from the clutches of the crime ring and finds love, happiness, and a home.

"In all musicals, there is that heightened emotionality that needs to be expressed in song. Oliver is no exception; in fact, to me it is an example of this theory. There is something special about Oliver and all of these characters in this musical. Every character's situation in life is on the brink of an unexpected change they truly fear. All well worth singing about," said Cline.

Rich Lovallo added, "Rousing, funny, sentimental; these characters and these songs speak to us on a deeply emotional level. The music is so wonderfully accessible to people of all ages - that's what makes it such a great family show."

The Cast

Role Actor
Oliver Sean McManus
Oliver Benjamin Errig
Dodger Helen Laser
Dodger Mitchell Epstein
Fagin David Cantor
Nancy Christina Ryan
Brownlow Howard Fischer
Sykes Nick Miller
Bumble Todd Shumpert
Widow Corney Barbi McGuire
Mr. Sowerberry Alan George
Mrs. Sowerberry Loretta Smith
Charlotte Karla Yeamans
Grimwig Tom Drummer
Bedwin Jeslyn Wheeless
Bet Katherine Riley
Noah Will Hackett
Old Sally Sandra Rudnitsky
Charley/Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Keegan McManus
Ensemble Kira Alexander
Ensemble Peter Kane
Ensemble Kelsey Evenson
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Matthew Fertakos
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Finnian Burns
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Griffin Hecht
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Christian Harvey
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Connor McShane
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Jakob Cooper
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Luke Wroblewski
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Trevor Wood
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Abby Espiritu
Workhouse Boys/Fagin's Gang Jaron Cole

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Steffi Denmark
Director Bob Cline
Musical Director Rich Lovallo
Choreographer Bob Cline
Production Coordinator Eileen Johnston
Stage Manager Debby Hennessy
Costume Design Fran Harrison
Set Design Joe Hupcey
Scenic Artist Andrea Sickler
Lighting Design Richard Hennessy
Sound Design Joe DeVico
Props and Set Decoration Letitia Lum

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