Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

2013-2014 SEASON


Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure (2014)

Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they face off against arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty, in the Stephen Dietz story inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The case takes Holmes on a final adventure, which includes kidnapping, numerous disguises, underhand plotting twists and turns and a whole series of clues which even has the super sleuth's sidekick scratching his head. 

Will Holmes prevail against the evil mastermind, Professor Moriarty and resist the lure of Irene Adler?  With danger lurking around every corner, how can the Bloodhound of Baker Street possibly survive his final adventure? "Holmes aficionados will recognize the source material as a clever conflation of the original stories, 'The Final Problem,' 'A Scandal in Bohemia,' and 'A Study in Scarlet.' Of course, being fully drawn characters, Holmes, Watson, Moriarty, et al possess their fair share of humor, providing many laughs and light-hearted moments throughout this fast-paced, suspenseful, and deadly adventure", explains director, Gordon Wiener.

The Cast

Role Actor
Sherlock Holmes Michael Harvey
John Watson Howard Fischer
Professor Moriarity Christopher C. Gibbs
King of Bohemia Chip Prestera
Irene Adler Kathleen Campbell Jackson
James Larrabee/Godfrey Norton Patrick Field
Madge Larrabee Patricia Wry
Sid Prince Sean Day

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Mara Lundstrom Ebert
Director Gordon Wiener
Production Coordinator Eileen Johnston
Stage Manager Andrea Herbert Young
Asst. Stage Manager Tom MacDonald
Asst. Stage Manager Joëlle Bochner
Costume Design Beverly Wand
Set Design Roy Pancirov
Scenic Artist Andrea Sickler
Lighting Design Henry Siebecker
Sound Design Joe DeVico
Props and Set Decoration Letitia Lum
Fight Coordinator Steve Ruskin
Makeup/Wigs Ben Riesebeck