ADDITIONAL LIVE Auditions for Fantasy Theater's Production of "Fractured Fairy Tales”


Fractured Fairy Tales

The Chatham Community Players is excited to present original family-friendly fairytale one-acts as part of Fantasy Theater, our children and family-themed division.

Additional auditions for “Fantasy Theater Presents: Fractured Fairytales”! Auditions for the fairytales “The Dowry of Princess Talia” and “Snow White and the Seven Entrepreneurs” will be held on Monday, October 25 at 8pm. Auditions for “The King’s New Duds” and “The Gingerbread Haus” will be held on Wednesday, October 27 at 8pm. All auditions will be held at the Chatham Playhouse. Please note: if you have submitted a video audition, you do not need to attend unless you are specifically asked to attend. 

If you would like to audition for pieces on different nights, you are free to attend both evenings!.

The “Fractured Fairy Tales” are a funny spin on familiar and new fairy tales.  The show will feature “The Gingerbread Haus” by John A.C. Kennedy and directed by Sarah DiVizio, based on “Hansel and Gretel”; “The King’s New Duds” by Lauri MacMillan and directed by Alicia Harabin, based on “The Emperor’s New Clothes; “Snow White and the Seven Entrepreneurs” by Robin Blasberg and directed by Kacey Perinelli, based on “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”, and “The Dowry of Princess Talia” by Greg Lam and directed by Bill Kaufman, a new and fairy tale in which the princess takes charge of her own destiny.

Production Dates - January 22 and 23, 2022 at 1pm & 3:30 pm.

Directors are looking for actors of every age and gender who have strong comedic timing and are willing to have some silly fun onstage!



The Dowry of Princess Talia:

  • Narrator: any gender, ages 20 to 50; animated and fun; ability to play guitar and sings a plus; if possible, please prepare a short folk tune for auditions but not required
  • Dalton the Dim: m, 20s-30s comic young prince, not too bright but very loveable
  • Princess Talia: f, 20s-30s outspoken but also kind hearted, good comedic timing essential
  • King Wendell the Wise/Giant/Witch: any gender, ages 30+; versatile comic actor, plays a variety of characters

Snow White and the Seven Entrepreneurs

  • Snow White/Mirror: any gender/age; Snow White is an ambitious, talented entrepreneur; The Mirror is a character who tells it like it is
  • Queen/Dwarf 3/Pieman: any gender/age; the Queen is insecure and jealous, head of the castle; Dwarf 3 is one of the dwarves who Snow White meets in the woods; the Pieman is a pie enthusiast who falls for Snow White
  • Huntsman/Dwarf 1: any gender/age; Huntsman works for the Queen but cannot kill Snow White, steals her food truck instead; Dwarf 1 is one of the dwarves who Snow White meets in the woods, a bit of a jokester
  • Tourist1/Dwarf 4: any gender/age; Tourist 1 is a typical tourist who must be satisfied lest they give you a bad Yelp review; Dwarf 4 is one of the dwarves who Snow White meets in the woods
  • Tourist 2/Dwarf 2: any gender/age; Tourist 2 is a typical tourist who must be satisfied lest they give you a bad Yelp review; Dwarf 2 is one of the dwarves who Snow White meets in the woods

The King’s New Duds

  • King Ronald Pumpernickel: m, 40’s to 60’s. Flamboyant. Vain. So obsessed with fashion, he neglects his kingdom, his people, and all responsibilities; willing to confidently strut his stuff on stage. “Dad bod” a bonus.
  • Tim Punn: m, any age; the King’s royal advisor. Composed, sophisticated, exasperated. Functions as a narrator as well. Generally the only reasonable person on stage.
  • Tommy Bermuda: any gender/age; a swindler posing as a fashion designer. Big personality. No filter. No shame. In cahoots with Coco. Doubles as a townsperson.
  • Coco Crispies: any age/gender; a swindler posing as a fashion designer; aloof and elitist; a face without an inside voice. In cahoots with Tommy.  Doubles as a townsperson.
  • Bootay Souffle/General Marvel/Townsperson – triples as renowned chef Bootay Souffle (French Accent), military commander General Marvel (British Accent) and a townsperson; looking for an actor who can make distinct physical and vocal choices for each character.

The Gingerbread Haus 

  • Hansel: m (Adult); a "boy" who has left the Gingerbread Haus to find himself aged into a grown man; brother to Gretel; kind and sweet
  • Gretel: f (Adult); a "girl" who has left the Gingerbread Haus to find herself aged into a grown woman; sister to Hansel; smart and thoughtful
  • Young Woman: f; the witch, who has used the youth and beauty of Hansel and Gretel to disguise herself as young and beautiful; tells it like it is; desperate to keep her looks.

The Chatham Players have an open call casting policy. ALL roles are open, none are precast, and everyone is encouraged to audition. Any questions, please call Gus Ibryani at (201)-563-0362 or email him at