Auditions ~ "Time Stands Still" by Donald Margulies



Auditions for Time Stands Still

The Chatham Players will hold auditions for Donald Marguiles’ play, “Time Stands Still” on Monday, August 9th and Tuesday, August 10th from 7pm – 9:30pm. All auditions will occur at The Chatham Playhouse 23 North Passaic Ave. Production dates are October 1 thru 16, 2021 with rehearsals to begin mid-August. Tait Ruppert directs.

The play focuses on Sarah Goodwin, a photojournalist and her partner James Dodd. James himself is a freelance journalist and both have recently returned to their loft in Brooklyn after having spent a long stint in Iraq covering the war. Sarah was rather severely injured in an explosion and the play bears witness to her re-entry back into a “conventional” life in New York. The relationship between Sarah and James is balanced against the relationship between their friend and colleague, Richard Ehrlich and Richard’s new young girlfriend, Mandy Bloom. The play covers the first year of Sarah’s life back in the States.

Director Ruppert seeks two males / two females to fill out his cast.  He asks that you are familiar with the play and to be prepared to read from sides found below and will be available at the audition. 

Character Breakdown

Sarah Goodwin - 30’s to 40’s.  She is a rather fierce, driven, unforgiving and independent woman.  She is a seasoned professional who has recorded and documented much of the grotesque horror of war.  She is an artist and views her photos as such.  She faces challenges heretofore untried now that she is forced to recuperate back in a safe world she may not be comfortable in. 

James Dodd - 30’s to 40’s.  James is a freelance journalist and Sarah’s partner.  He has written about the war in Iraq.  The violence of war came home to him when Sarah was nearly killed in an explosion.  He, too, is a seasoned professional and an artist… yet perhaps he lacks the fierceness of Sarah. 

Richard Ehrlich - Around 55.  He is a colleague and friend of both Sarah and James.  He is a photo editor and has worked closely with Sarah in the past.  He is well aware of the risks Sarah has taken throughout her career as a photographer and cares deeply for her.  He harbors thoughts of the folly of having Sarah thrown into harms way.

Mandy Bloom -  Around 25.  Mandy is an event planner and Richard’s new girlfriend.  To describe her as being naive and guileless does not do her justice.  Yes, she is young and prone to innocent comments that provide much humor.  But there is a strong, if innocent, intelligence about her.


Audition Sides

Time Stands Still Side #1 - Sarah and James.   Start page 9, James’ line  “I’ll go food shopping in the morning”  to the end of the scene (bottom of page 11)

Time Stands Still Side #2 - Sarah and James.  Start page 12 beginning of scene to page 14 Sarah’s line “But you might want to flesh it out a little bit more, don’t you think?”

Time Stands Still Side #3 - Sarah, James.  Start page 41 top of scene.  End page 43 Sarah’s line “That’s got to be the most romantic proposal I’ve ever heard”

Time Stands Still Side #4 - Sarah, James.  Start page 69 Jame’s line “We don’t have to do this” End page 70 Jame’s line “Does that make me a bad person?”

Time Stands Still Side #5 - Richard, James, Mandy.  Start page 15 Richard’s line, “Heyyyy”.  End page page 17 Mandy’s line “Oh, no!”

Time Stands Still Side #6 - Mandy, James (note - Richard has two quick lines in here which I or SM can say)  Start page 22 Mandy’s line “You mind if I uh…?”.  End page 23 James’ line “Needless to say, I did not go home”.

Time Stands Still Side #7 - Sarah, James, Richard, Mandy.  Start page 23 Sarah’s line “Don’t I get any?”. End page 25 Sarah’s line “I bet”.

Time Stands Still Side #8 - Mandy, Richard James, Sarah.  (note - James has 2 quick lines which can be read by me or SM)  Start page 26 Richard’s line “Oh, I almost forgot…” End page 28 Mandy’s line “Be right back”.

Time Stands Still Side #9 - Richard, James, Sarah.  Start page 28 Richard’s line “Fuck you”. End page 30 James line “Fair enough”

Time Stands Still Side #10 - James, Richard, Sarah, Mandy.  Start page 51 top of act.  End page 53 Jame’s line “I’m with you. kid”.

Time Stands Still Side #11 - James, Richard, Mandy, Sarah.  Start page 62 Jame’s line “You’re kidding me”. End at end of scene,  page 65.

The Chatham Players have an open call casting policy. ALL roles are open, none are precast, and everyone is encouraged to audition. Any questions, please call Gus Ibranyi at (201)-563-0362 or email  For directions or additional information, please visit