Jersey Voices One-Act Festivals AUDITIONS



Jersey Voices One-Act Festival Auditions

The Chatham Community Players will hold open auditions for the 28th annual Jersey Voices One-Act Festival on Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 1 at 7pm at the Chatham Playhouse, 23 North Passaic Ave., Chatham. Performers are asked to arrive within the first hour of auditions.  Performances will take place on July 29, 30, August 5, 6 at 8pm and August 7 at 7pm. Audition forms and sides are below.

The Chatham Community Players are committed to diverse and inclusive casting, and performers of all abilities, races, ethnicities, and gender identities are encouraged to audition. The Board of Trustees requires all performers be fully vaccinated prior to the first performance date. Questions may be sent to

Presented One-Act Plays are:

“Open Door” by Susan Brown-Peitz, Directed by Sarah DeVizio: A veterinarian’s waiting room sets the scene for an unexpected conversation about grief and hope.

  • Receptionist (any gender, any age) a person working at a veterinarian’s office
  • Ray (M, 20s-30s) stiff, just lost his mother and is getting her affairs in order.  Ray is seemingly cold but thoughtful
  • Stella (F, 20s) bubbly with a big heart, applying for a job.  Stella is an animal lover

“The Grape Nerds Reunion” by Alli Hartley-Kong, Directed by Sarah Pharaon: Connected by a past one of them can’t remember, two classmates at their high school reunion explore the impact of choices they've made - both big and small.

  • Alyssa (Female or Female Identifying, 25-40) A high school band geek who’s flourished
  • Mike (Male or Male Identifying, 25-40) A high school rocker gone to seed

“Never More Lenore” by G. David Post, Directed by John A.C. Kennedy: Two office-mates interview a potential temporary employee.  They have very different experiences when she comes in through the office door.

  • Ed (M, 40-60) office worker, detail oriented. Inclined to ponder many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.
  • Lenore (F, 25-75) clerical temp, unflappable. Stately, of the saintly days of yore.
  • Mark (M, 30-50) office worker, easy-going people-person. A dog owner. Nothing more.

“The Singing Woman” by G. David Post, Directed by Lauri MacMillan: If you told a stranger at a bus stop you were being haunted would you be ready to hear the truth?

  • Carlysle (30s-60s) “A guy”, can be played by any gender. Haunted. Confused. Searching.
  • Dawson (15-50) “A guy”, can be played by any gender. Calm. Resigned. Familiar.

The Elusive Pursuit of Maximum Bliss” by Ken Preuss, Directed by Amanda Marino: A wealthy man and a female researcher explore multiple timelines to seek the feasibility of 100% happiness.

  • Max (Male presenting, late 30s-50s) A rich person seeking the secret to achieving 100% happiness
  • Elle (Female presenting, late 20s-40s) A caring scientist offering a glimpse at alternate timelines and ultimate bliss

**Director is not set on age range but Max needs to present as older than Elle

“Kidneys” by Devon Villacampa, Directed by Steve Ruskin: Two college students come to the University Financial Aid office when their money gets cut.  There is a very nice lady there. Let’s see how helpful she can be.

  • Felicia (F, college student) The kind of girl that when she’s been wronged needs the whole world to know about it
  • Dane (M, college student) Nicer than Felicia, willing to give the benefit of the doubt
  • Miss Bezzle (F, 50s-ish – range is open, but must be older than Felicia and Dane) Got the courage and confidence of Julia Child cooking on live television.  We instantly like her but may be wrong to trust her

“Wing Man” by Mary Jane Walsh, Directed by Joann Lopresti Scanlon and Assisted Directed by Eleanor Anderson: A woman discovers a parrot has flown into her apartment.  Becoming friends, he sits on her shoulder, and she takes him into bars as an icebreaker and conversation starter.

  • Woman (F, 40-65) Pleasant looking, no airs – but something flirty and appealing about her.