Youth & Teen Theatre Classes

In person youth and teen theatre classes

Theatre creates a space where we can dream together and, via that dreaming, reconnect with the world and with each other. RECONNECT AND ENROLL TODAY!

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FALL SESSION - 10 WEEKS - OCTOBER 6 TO DECEMBER 15 No Classes Thanksgiving Week

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3:30 TO 4:30 - YOUTH ACTING (AGES 9 TO 13) - $110

This class helps young actors expand their world view, enhance their personal empathy, increase their ability to focus, and develop critical thinking. Each class begins with a warm-up designed to enhance physical ease, balance, and coordination, followed by theatre games designed to encourage imaginative play and creativity. Students will also work on age-appropriate scenes, to develop their ability to collaborate.

4:30 TO 5:30 - TEEN ACTING (AGES 14 TO 18) - $110

Students in this class focus on eliminating distractions and being “in the moment.” Each class begins with a warm-up, followed by theatre games to designed to enhance physical presence, expand self-confidence, and refine social skills. Students will also learn to collaborate and will gain a deeper understanding of character motivation by working on age-appropriate scenes..

5:30 TO 6:30 - “THE SONG IS YOU” (AGES 12 TO 18) - $120

Using a “master class” format, this workshop helps students increase their knowledge of musical theatre repertory, while also learning to perform songs using good vocal technique, musicality, and attention to character motivation. Each student will work on age-appropriate songs that can then be used for auditions or in various performance settings.


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3:30 TO 4:30 - YOUTH MONOLOGUE MANIA (AGES 9 TO 13) - $110

Students will be up on their feet from the very first class, working on a wide range of age-appropriate material, from commercial copy to longer, character-based speeches. They will also learn basic text analysis techniques that will help them unlock words on the page and bring them vividly to life on stage.

4:30 TO 5:30 - TEEN MONOLOGUE MANIA (AGES 14 TO 18) - $110

Students will explore famous works of World Drama through speeches from both contemporary and classic plays. Using text analysis, personal reflections, and acting techniques, they will unlock the playwright’s words and create believable characters for performance.

5:30 TO 6:30 - “GET THE PART” (AGES 12 TO 18) - $120

Want to march into your next audition and really show off your talent? This workshop will help you develop the skills needed to handle any audition challenge, from choosing the right monologues or song to simply walking into the room with presence and confidence. In addition, the skills you’ll gain in this class can be applied to any job or college interview process.


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3:30 TO 4:30 - YOUTH IMPROV (AGES 9 TO 13) - $110

Improv helps everyone build self-confidence and discover their best selves. It also builds writing, critical thinking, and public speaking skills. Each session starts with age-appropriate theatre games that awaken the imagination and enhance communication and collaborative skills - and are just plain fun!

4:30 TO 5:30 - TEEN IMPROV (AGES 14 TO 18) - $110

Long form improv and more advanced theatre games form the basis of this class, in which students will explore both solo and group improvisation. They’ll learn to think on their feet and will sharpen their listening skills in a variety of games and scenes designed to spark imagination and creativity.

5:30 TO 6:30 - “TRIPLE THREAT” (AGES 12 TO 18) - $120

A perfect class for young performers who are serious about a career in musical theatre! You’ll increase technique, develop performance stamina, enhance stage presence, expand your repertory of songs and shows, and discover your inner star!!


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  • Full Year Youth Bundle (all 3 sessions) - $272
  • Full Year Teen Bundle  (all 3 sessions) - $272
  • Full Year Workshop Bundle (all 3 sessions) - $306
  • Teen/Workshop Bundle (FALL session) - $281
  • Teen/Workshop Bundle (WINTER session) - $281
  • Teen/Workshop Bundle (SPRING session) - $281
  • Full Year Teen/Workshop Bundle (all 3 sessions) - $587

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Covid protocols will be observed in all classes, in alignment with CDC and State of NJ guidelines, and the recommendations of Arts Education/NJ.