26th Annual Jersey Voices One-Act Festival Lineup

Jersey Voices One-Act Festival

We are excited to announce the lineup for this year’s "Jersey Voices", our 26th Annual, featuring 6 plays:
“A Man Walks Into a Bar” by Nathan Christopher
Directed by Kevern Cameron
“Date With Death” by Steven Hayet
Directed by Lynn Polan
“Free Range Cows” by Lynn A. Langone
Directed by Joann Lopresti Scanlon
“Never Will I Ever” by K.F. Lerner
Directed by Elissa Strell
“Onward” by Lauri MacMillan
Directed by Wendy Schibener
“Amnesty Week” by Loretta Bolger Wish
Directed by Christopher C. Gibbs

We know our whole world, including theater, currently looks a little different than years past.  Now, with so much uncertainty and stress in our lives, we are striving to give artists the space to create and audiences the space to escape, in whatever capacity we are able to. We are grateful to our directors above who continue to work on creative solutions in hopes of bringing Jersey Voices to life this year.  For so many, including myself, Jersey Voices is a bright spot in the theatrical year and we are confident it will continue to be so in the years to come.

As things are ever changing, please continue checking our website (www.chathamplayers.org) and our Facebook page for updates on this year’s production as we have them.