THE TEA PARTY by Angelle Whavers

Staged Reading

The Tea Party

New play The Tea Party will come to the Chatham Playhouse on Saturday, April 23rd at 7pm for a one-night-only staged reading. The production is a collaboration between TSquared Production Company and Unidentified Stages, two NJ-based companies supporting local new works.

The performance will take place at 7pm on Saturday, April 23rd at Chatham Playhouse.
Open seating reservations are required. Suggested $10 donation at the door, cash or credit.


The Tea Party delves into the facts behind one of the United States’ most famous myths. Americans all know the story of the Boston Tea Party... how the Sons of Liberty valiantly threw British Tea into Boston Harbor after a vicious tax hike on England's favorite beverage. But legends tend to crown their own “winners,” don't they? What happens when a playwright decides to tell the unadulterated story, where the Sons of Liberty got so drunk they nearly killed a man and sent another one home naked in the middle of a Boston winter? (Yes, that is all true.) Penned and directed by Angelle Whavers, get ready for a night of colonial partying like you've never witnessed before. Trust us. Drunk History's got nothing on this.

This production of The Tea Party will feature a cast of local talent including Tess Ammerman, Donniee Barnes, Madison Couture, Jackie Matthews, Emily Miller, Jessica Pendleton and Alicia Whavers.

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