The 39 Steps

2012-2013 SEASON


The 39 Steps (2012)

Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have the intriguing, thrilling, riotous and "must see" comedy. The show hurtles a notorious fugitive and a spellbound blonde from a London music hall north by northwest to Scotland’s most remote highlands. Will they save Britain from a den of devious spies? A cast of 4 plays over 150 characters in this fast-paced tale of an ordinary man on an extraordinarily entertaining adventure.

The Cast

Role Actor
Richard Hannay David Cantor
Annabella Schmidt/Pamela/Margaret Erica Knight
Clown No. 1 Glen D. Post
Clown No. 2 Chip Prestera

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Steffi Denmark
Director Bell Wesel
Production Coordinator Eileen Johnston
Stage Manager Andrea Herbert Young
Asst. Stage Manager Andrea Sickler
Set Design Roy Pancirov
Scenic Artist Andrea Sickler
Costume Design Tom Marshall
Lighting Design Richard Hennessy
Sound Design Joe DeVico
Props and Set Decoration Letitia Lum