Jersey Voices

2018-2019 SEASON


Jersey Voices (2018)

An evening of one-act plays by New Jersey playwrights.

Presented One-Act Plays are:

  • “Romance 101” by Brianna Keller of Glen Rock - Unlucky in love, Travis decides to learn from the ladies of the ROMANCE 101 book club. Join Patti, Meredith, Sally and Gladys as they teach young Travis a thing or two about Love and Romance. This play features Bradley Carrington of Summit, Colleen Grundfest of Warren, Sharon Quinn of South Orange, Julie Ann Nolan of Little Falls and Jessica Phelan of Montclair. Directed by George Seylaz of Belleville.
  • “Squirrel Tames Human” by Luigi Jannuzzi of Hillsborough - Chip has bet Junior a winter’s stash of acorns that he is the squirrel that knows how to train human behavior. This play features Chip Prestera of Stirling and Paula Ehrenberg of Summit. Directed by Kevern Cameron of Hardyston.
  • “Free Pass” by Tom Baum of South Orange - A widower in his late 60s meets a woman in her 40s at a hotel bar – is there love after the death of a loved one? This play features Gordon Wiener of Martinsville and Cheryl Sarkaria of Gillette. Directed by Arnold Buchiane of Summit.
  • “Foster” by Jerrod Bogard of Brooklyn - Foster parents meet with their social worker about  issues with their foster son. The parents don’t share the same perspective, but important choices must be made. This play features Melinda DelPizzo of Lincoln Park, Jean Kuras of Glen Ridge and Derek Simmons of Perth Amboy. Directed by Joann Scanlon of Chatham and Assistant Directed by Eleanor Anderson of Florham Park.
  • “Bug Rescuing” by Judy Klass of Nashville, TN - Joan joins Michael on his corporate retreat. How do a couple navigate their differences? This play features Jackie Jacobi of Edison and Matt McCarthy of Morristown. Directed by Lauri MacMillan of Rockaway. 
  • “The Rub of the Green” by Tom Tunnington of Brick Twp -  After many years, a combat veteran goes to the only place that he can still be with his comrades. The play features Howard Fischer of Berkeley Heights and Bradley Carrington of Summit. Directed by Elizabeth Rogers of West Orange.
  • “The King” by Nicole Pandolfo of Gibbstown -  A late night backstage meeting - a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator meets someone who might just be the genuine article. The play features Jeff Maschi of Highland Park and Dominick DeNucci of New Providence. Directed by Steve Ruskin of Chatham.

We welcome you to join us as we explore the joys of live, original theater in The Chatham Playhouse, where Jersey Voices has provided a venue for New Jersey playwrights to showcase their work since 1995. There’s a risk in coming to see any author’s new work, whether you’ve heard of them before or not. It’s brave and courageous, and we’re grateful our audience trusts us enough to share the experience. Jersey Voices has presented the work of more than 75 authors in their 24 years. “I'm constantly amazed by the talent and creativity of the Playwrights of New Jersey whose plays we get to present every summer”, said Co-Producer, Bob Denmark. “The plays this year run the gamut from comedy to heart gripping drama, and the themes cover many aspects of life such as loss, fear and unconditional love.

Each year dozens of people – authors, actors crew, directors – do their best to give us new material, fresh faces, different perspectives and interesting ideas - in short, good theater. "We routinely read over 100 plays each year to bring the very best to our audience”, said Co-Producer Andrea Young. Young added, "Performing so close to the audience in our black-box theater requires skilled directors and actors to bring these plays, and the people in them, to life".


The Cast

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Andrea Herbert Young
Producer Bob Denmark
Director Joann Lopresti Scanlon
Director Lauri MacMillan
Director Elizabeth Rogers
Director Steve Ruskin
Director George Seylaz
Director Kevern Cameron
Director Arnold Buchiane
Production Coordinator Steffi Denmark
Stage Manager Laura Carey
Scenic Artist Carol Saso
Lighting Design Steve Stubelt

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