Arnold Buchiane

Cast Member

Show Season Role
Barefoot in the Park 2017-2018 Velasco
Jersey Voices 2015-2016 Suitor
The Grapes of Wrath 2011-2012 Grandpa
Pride and Prejudice 2000-2001 Mr. Bennet
Dracula 1981-1982 R. M. Renfield
Applause 1980-1981 Bill Sampson
The Mousetrap 1980-1981 Detective Sergeant Trotter
A Man For All Seasons 1978-1979 Richard Rich

Production Roles

Show Season Production Role
Jersey Voices 2021-2022 Director
Jersey Voices 2019-2020 Director
Jersey Voices 2018-2019 Director
Jersey Voices 2017-2018 Director
Jersey Voices 2011-2012 Director