World Builders

2024-2025 SEASON


World Builders (2025)

  • FRI, January 10, 2025 - 8pm
  • SAT, January 11, 2025 - 8pm
  • SUN, January 12, 2025 - 3pm *Matinee*

Max and Whitney's schizoid personality disorders cause them to live deep within their own imagined realities – one expansive and fanciful, the other dark and brutal. To break free of these visions and become functional members of society, they embark upon a clinical drug trial that might erase these worlds forever. But are they truly able to leave their fantasies behind?  And should they?  In a medicated age in which our imaginations are colonized by mass media, how do we know when happiness and love are real?

Production Team

Production Role
Director John A.C. Kennedy