Jersey Voices

2017-2018 SEASON


Jersey Voices (2017)

Jersey Voices has provided a venue for New Jersey playwrights to showcase their new works since 1995. Each year we hope to present the very best, new, original one-act plays by New Jersey authors. There’s a risk in coming to see any author’s new work, whether you’ve heard of them before or not. It’s brave and courageous, and we’re grateful our audience trusts us enough to share the experience. Jersey Voices has presented the work of more than 70 authors in their 22 years.

“Playwriting is alive and well in New Jersey” says Co-Producer, Bob Denmark. “This year’s plays include a talking dog, an unlikely couple who meet at the bus stop, an aging ‘Princess’ from a string of famous sci-fi movies, an exceptionally organized young woman, singing waiters, and, yes, an incredible porno collection.”

Each year dozens of people – authors, actors crew, directors – do their best to give us new material, fresh faces, different perspectives and interesting ideas - in short, good theater.

"While we never have a theme in mind, every year, when the one-act plays are selected, a theme is identified. This year, the plays show us that love and hope can be discovered where and when you least expect it”, said Co-Producer Andrea Herbert.

  • “A Dog’s Life” by Robert Scott Sullivan of Brick - The silly, exciting, adventure of a day with your dog. This play features Matt McCarthy of Morristown and Jessica Phelan of Montclair. Directed by Joann Scanlon of Chatham.
  • “Badger and Maddy” by Dianna Lewis of Montclair - A two-character comedy that shows us wisdom can come from unusual places. This play features Donald Calliste of Bronx, NY and Diane Gilch of Martinsville. Directed by Arnold Buchiane of Summit.
  • “Zarg” by Walter Placzek of Monroe - The play is both funny and touching. Spirited, well-meaning people find love and connection in very difficult circumstances. The play features Mary Jo Oakley and Lily Bauer of Chatham, Christine Talarico of Denville and Dominick DeNucci of Cedar Knolls. Directed by Lynn Polan of Chatham..
  • “Hair, Shoes Coffee” by Eleanor Kennedy of Chatham - A fun comedy piece requiring a lot of acting "in between the lines." Examines the morning rituals of a woman through the eyes of her male friend. This play features Dominick DeNucci of Cedar Knolls and Gianna Esposito of Morristown. Directed by Dawn Afanador of Roseland..
  • “Knock Out” by G. David Post of Sparta - When love comes knock-knocking you might laugh or you might roll your eyes -- but if you know the punchline, it could be the start of something. This play features Mary Molino of Whippany, Elissa Strell of Warren, Julie Anne Nolan of Little Falls and Chip Prestera of Stirling. Directed by John AC Kennedy of Springfield.
  • “In Reverse Order” by Eric Alter of Livingston - "Well, I have an incredible porno collection." A guy, a gal, a blind date...Comedy ensues. This play features Howard Fischer of Berkeley Heights and Judi Laganga of Roselle Park. Directed by George Seylaz of Belleville.

The Cast

Role Actor
Jen Mary Morlino
Brenda Elissa Strell
Connie, Waitress Julie Anne Nolan
Waiter - Dean Chip Prestera
Waiter 2 Matt McCarthy
Waiter 3 Howard Fischer
Frank Dominic DeNucci
Doris Gianna Esposito
Badger Donald Calliste
Maddie Diane Gilch
Gordon Howard Fischer
Renee Judi Laganga
RJ Matt McCarthy
Billie Jessica Phelan
Carolyn Carpenter Mary Jo Oakley
Janet Carpenter Christine Talerico
Alison Watford Lily Bauer
David Watford Dominic DeNucci

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Production Team

Production Role
Producer Bob Denmark
Producer Andrea Herbert Young
Director Lynn Polan
Director John A.C. Kennedy
Director Dawn Afanador
Director Arnold Buchiane
Director George Seylaz
Director Joann Lopresti Scanlon
Production Coordinator Steffi Denmark
Stage Manager Laura Carey
Asst. Stage Manager Beth Vetter
Lighting Design Steve Stubelt
Lighting Design Diane Giangreco
Sound Design Joe DeVico

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