Major Herbert M. Dawley


Production Roles

Show Season Production Role
My Fair Lady 1969-1970 Director
Cactus Flower 1969-1970 Director
Don't Drink the Water 1969-1970 Director
South Pacific 1968-1969 Director
Wait Until Dark 1968-1969 Director
Barefoot in the Park 1968-1969 Director
Brigadoon 1967-1968 Director
Never Too Late 1967-1968 Director
The Odd Couple 1967-1968 Director
Picnic 1966-1967 Director
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1966-1967 Director
Mary, Mary 1966-1967 Director
The Moon Is Down 1965-1966 Director
You Can't Take It With You 1965-1966 Director
Pajama Game 1965-1966 Director
Bye Bye Birdie 1964-1965 Director
Come Blow Your Horn 1964-1965 Director
Kiss Me Kate 1964-1965 Director
L'il Abner 1963-1964 Director
Take Her She's Mine 1963-1964 Director
The Caine Mutiny Court Martial 1963-1964 Director
Call Me Madam 1962-1963 Director
The Male Animal 1962-1963 Director
Sabrina Fair 1962-1963 Director
The Teahouse of the August Moon 1961-1962 Director
Seven Year Itch 1961-1962 Director
Third Best Sport 1960-1961 Director
Petticoat Fever 1960-1961 Director
Claudia 1959-1960 Director
Dear Ruth 1959-1960 Director
Harvey 1959-1960 Director
The Glass Menagerie 1958-1959 Director
The Desk Set 1958-1959 Director
The Solid Gold Cadillac 1957-1958 Director
Blithe Spirit 1957-1958 Director
Time Out for Ginger 1956-1957 Director
Skylark 1956-1957 Director
Bell, Book and Candle 1956-1957 Director
My Three Angels 1955-1956 Director
Dial M for Murder 1955-1956 Director
Ten Little Indians 1949-1950 Director
John Loves Mary 1948-1949 Director
The Pursuit of Happiness 1948-1949 Director
Angel Street 1947-1948 Director
You Can't Take It with You 1947-1948 Director
My Sister Eileen 1946-1947 Director
Rebecca 1946-1947 Director
Her Master's Voice 1939-1940 Director
Ceiling Zero 1939-1940 Director
Polly with a Past 1938-1939 Director
The Little Foxes 1945-1946 Director
Petticoat Fever 1945-1946 Director
Penny Wise 1944-1945 Director
Arsenic and Old Lace 1944-1945 Director
The Ghost Train 1942-1943 Director
Outward Bound 1941-1942 Director
Yes and No 1940-1941 Director
Death Takes a Holiday 1937-1938 Director
Candle-Light 1937-1938 Director
Night of January 16th 1937-1938 Director
The First Mrs. Fraser 1936-1937 Director
Riddle Me This 1935-1936 Director
Rebound 1935-1936 Director
Adam and Eva 1934-1935 Director
My Son 1934-1935 Director
Hay Fever 1933 Director
A Midsummer Night's Dream 1932 Director
The Bad Man 1932 Director
The Dover Road 1927 Director
Seven Keys to Baldpate 1925 Director
Three One-Act Plays 1925 Director
Mr. Pim Passes By 1924 Director
The Maker of Dreams & In The Zone 1923 Director
Three One-Act Plays 1922 Director